Contest Theme & What is PII Short Movie Contest:
The theme of the PII Short Movie Contest is "What does 'Peace' mean to you?" We believe that peace is an important concept to consider and understand. While it is often understood as the absence of conflict or fighting, it is also a fundamental human need, much like breathing. We recognize the value of peace when it is absent, and we owe much of our progress and prosperity to it.

Peace Islands Institute (PII) is inviting high school and college students in New Jersey to share their thoughts on peace through the medium of film. We encourage students to use their cameras to tell their own stories about what peace means to them. Short films should be a minimum of 2 minutes long and a maximum of 10 minutes long.

Short Movie Contest


To draw attention to the concept of peace and to encourage young minds to share their understanding of it.
To produce creative content with the theme of peace using the genre of short films.
There is no obstacle to creativity within the framework of the contest rules. Short films can be fictional, documentary, experimental, or any genre the filmmaker deems appropriate, as long as the films follow the contest rules highlighted below.
Passionate high school and college students in New Jersey.

2023 Short Movie Contest

Apply now for the PII Short Movie Contest, with first prize $1000, second prize $750, third prize $500 and 5 mention prizes of $200! Earn both experience and rewards.
The PII Short Movie Contest

Why Should I Join?

Do you have a story you want to share? We encourage you to make a short movie, even with a minimal budget, and share your perspective with the world. If you're not sure where to start, remember that the best stories come from personal experiences. A short movie is a great way to improve your filmmaking skills and try out new techniques, styles, and roles in the industry. The PII Short Movie Contest is an opportunity to explore your creativity and share your voice. It can also be a confidence-building experience and a chance to build up your portfolio. We look forward to seeing your short movies!

The Short Movie Contest is open to high school and college students who are currently enrolled in a school within the state of New Jersey. Each participant may submit only one application with their own team and all submissions must be received by November 30th, 2023 at 11:59pm. We encourage young filmmakers to showcase their talents and creativity through this competition.

After the evaluation of our juries, we will share the results within a week. Winners will be announced within a week or so via our Peace Islands Institute Instagram account and website.

Our final stage is the award ceremony! The time and place of the award ceremony, which we will be proud to see you among us, will be notified to you both via social media platforms and via email.